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Things to know about African Contemporary Art

What does one means when during a conversation they use the term contemporary African art. There are three terms here. Let’s start with the very basic, art. Art is the way of arranging things or drawing something so that its audience either feels emotions or questions on seeing it.

Paint Your Personality When You Choose Wall Paint Colours

Possibly one of the most enjoyable parts about owning your own home is that you can create it completely using your own taste and style. Selecting a wall paint colour is a key decision to make.

Tinga Tinga An African Art

Tinga Tinga is the Tanzanian term, named after Edward S. Tingating, for a form of art painting originating in Southern Tanzania and Mozambique, known mostly also in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

Landscape Oil Paintings for Your Home

There's lots about oil paintings that makes them pleasing on the eyes and one of the best things to have in your home. Landscape oil paintings in particular are a great way to open up a room and to make it appear more spacious, while also providing a point of interest that guests and visitors can appreciate.

An Introduction to Oil Painting

There are many techniques involved in oil painting that will effect the eventual end result of your painting. Normally oil paintings will begin with the artists drawing their image onto a canvas using a charcoal or a thinner paint. Today hobbyists might choose just to use light pencil. The oil will then be applied over the top of this using brush strokes, and normally there will be multiple layers of this paint with the heavier amounts of oil added on top of thinner coats to allow better drying.

African Paintings The Diverse Legacy on Earth

If you are an art lover, than you most likely want to explore various art forms. You should walk around the art of Africa. The African Art is very varied and diverse in nature. The African paintings are the most incredible un-influenced unique African Art.

Current Trends in the Australian Aboriginal Art Scene

Australian Aboriginal art has a diverse range of expression, with art forms that include rock carving, woodcarving, sculpture, sand painting, ceremonial clothing and artistic decorations. Because of its unique style and form, indigenous art has gained strong international fame and recognition.

Why the Future Looks Bright for the Classic Contemporary Oil Painting

The art world is filled with many different mediums, but it seems that the one type of artwork that has perpetually captured our collective attention over the ages has been the classic contemporary oil painting. The reason why the word "classic" is in there right against contemporary is that contemporary themes tend to shift depending on what era is being discussed.

Selecting Tasteful Black and White Prints that Make an Impact

The art world is love with color, and for good reason, our real world is filled with color, so why not express that onto the art medium itself? However, there's is something to be said about a world without color and form, and it's something that is starting to become even more popular as time passes.

Contemporary Art Prints - A Sign of Our Times

Contemporary is both a highly celebrated subject a highly debated subject all at the same time. Even among art fans, there's speculation as to what is and isn't contemporary art. Among people still unsure of whether or not to pursue art collections, contemporary art is often questioned as to whether or not it's even art at all, let alone contemporary - two debates for the price of one.

Australian Paintings - Buying a Piece of National Pride

There are numerous symbols of Australia, but there's another source of national pride that definitely deserves attention, original Australian paintings, of course! There's plenty of reasons to get quality Australian artwork, but a desire to collect the art of one's home country is a good of a reason as any other.

The Watercolor Paintings of Elizabeth Sullivan

Artist Elizabeth Sullivan has been painting since childhood, but didn't find her chosen medium until 10 years ago. The event that sparked the start of her experimentation with watercolors was a move into a small apartment with no room for sculpture, oil painting or fabric dying.

Add a Touch of Class to Your Home With Original Paintings

Decorating should be fun and should reflect your personality and style. If you are planning a new decorating project, what you plan for you walls will be important. Original paintings will be a great addition to your home.

Caravaggio: Dramatic Lighting And Self Reflection

Portrait painting has been a staple of the medium since pencil found paper. It has long been a tradition of artists to capture there own likeness and place it on a canvas. This long and esteemed tradition came out of the business of doing portraits for commissions which has given way to other mediums.

How Do I Frame And Store Pastels?...

This, you will find, is not always easy to do as you will soon realise. They tend to smudge with the best will in the world as they pick up specks of dirt and are quite delicate in themselves

Creating Candles In Just A Few Easy To Follow Steps!...

Candle making is pretty easy to do on the whole. I am only surprised that more folks don't experiment with this bearing in mind that candles are such a accepted item. Not simply do they generate a feeling of warmth and release perhaps healing powers as we find them restful, but they also give us soft and informal atmospheres to slow down by.

How to Paint Ceramic Tile Easily and Inexpensively

A common question among people with older homes or those wanting to change the colors of rooms is, how to paint ceramic tile? The answer is easily and inexpensively as long as you have some time to complete the job. The end result would be a refreshed, new look to a room.

How Can You Fix Pastel Paintings The Correct Way?

If you are new to pastels you may not know how to save your paintings and keep them in the best possible way. This is fixing.

Hobbies Like Painting Can Be Soothing!...

At some time in our lives we all fancy having a go at painting or drawing. Some people find it so easy and are naturally talented. You may find they can draw and paint without ever having had a lesson. However, for others they are too frightened to even try!

The Different Kinds Of Watercolours Available!...

Which do you choose, as there are two varieties? Well artists paints are good as the pigments are well saturated with colour. Students paints do not have the same quality of pigment.

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