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Literature is a form of art and a form of entertainment.

Macbeth, AP Calculus and Soccer: The Stressful Life of a High School Senior

There's been a lot of research conducted lately about the amount of stress that high school seniors are enduring. Apparently it’s skyrocketed recently, and researchers and social scientists are trying to figure out why this is and what can be done.

Readers and Writers: What Does Reading Huckleberry Finn do to a Student's Writing?

Some teachers argue that a deep understanding of writing mechanics is necessary for becoming a good writer, and that all teachers should emphasize the rules of spelling, grammar, and diction. Others believe that writing is an art form, an expression, and it’s more important to help a student find his "voice" than it is to teach him the difference between "their" and "they're." Finally, there are teachers who believe that the best way to teach a student to be a good writer is to have him read as much as he can.

Catcher in the Rye without Holden; Huckleberry Finn without Huck?

Reading novels can be hard enough as it is: the reader has to keep all the characters straight, remember crucial plot points, look for themes and motifs (at least she does if she is studying for the PSAT or a similar exam) and try to understand any literary or historical allusions she may find within.

The Secret Power Of Leaflet Dispensers

The advantages of leaflet dispensers are often not realized until after having experienced them for yourself. They play an important role in advertising and can be used in a variety of ways to attract potential customers.

Shakespeare Is Also Called the Bard

Some of the famous Shakespeare’s legacy includes 38 plays, two long narrative poems, 154 sonnets and many other poems. The popularity of his work can be seen in the fact that almost all his plays have been translated nearly in every language of the world and performed throughout.

Lifestyles of the Fabulously Rich and Dissatisfied in The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby helped create an image of the 1920’s as a ten-year party ranking high in the list of eras to visit given time-traveling capabilities. The decade is now synonymous with fringed flappers, bobbed hair, and glamorous bootleggers, thanks in part to Fitzgerald’s detailed, albeit inebriated, eyewitness accounts.

Twilight Characters and the Old-Fashioned Count Dracula

There’s a lot of hype about Twilight, and it’s not coming just from teenage girls. For better or worse, the series has captured the interest of readers with a wide range of age and experience. Much like Harry Potter and other fiction with an element of the fantastical, the supernatural parts are far from being entirely new. Twilight puts a current spin on the decidedly vintage idea of the vampire.

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