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Humor and Comics. When you are not feeling good and nothing can help you smile, what is better than to read some humor books or watch a comedy that relaxes you and make you smile again?
Find here and share with your family and friends, humor and funny things that will help you to smile.

An Awesome Sports Mouth Piece Part 3

Amongst the funniest and most interesting mouth guards in any of professional sports activities may well be Dante Cunningham's hill billy like mouth piece. This mouth piece can make it look as if he has a couple of teeth knocked out (actually my spouse detests this mouth piece on account of this). It really is funny, if anything, and it offers the additional function of securing his pearly whites from the bump and grind he takes on on a game by game progression.

Moments In The Life Of Nicole Snooki Polizzi

Nicole Snooki Polizzi was born in New York where a close knit Italian family adopted her. She was extremely popular during her high school years and threw herself into many activities. Things began falling apart for the teen when she developed a serious eating disorder, but she has now overcome the problem. Nicole debuted in MTV's reality program Jersey Shore.

The Importance of Clean Jokes and Humor

Your humor may have the capability of provoking joy among individuals but it is quite possible that crude jokes and over explicit jokes might actually result in quite an opposite effect. This is an important element of jokes and is more specifically classified into two types that are clean jokes and humor as opposed to the less favorable and less recommended type i.e. dirty humor.

Where is the Male Audience for Fiction?

Reading cannot be taken up with studying all the time. A student may not like to study his course textbooks, but if given a story book or novel, then he is likely to read it with sincere interest and dedication.

Rubber Babes

Rollo Hemphill is back again in a hilarious and wacky adventure. It is a sequel to My Inflatable Friend, which was the first fiction book from Gerald Everett Jones. Rubber Babes is not only funny but also engrossing. As you move from one chapter to another, you start to develop interest and often laugh at comical additions.

A Short History of Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy is one of America's most popular brands available in variety of fruit flavors and loved by children. It is a modern form of toffee and is chewable. Taffy or toffee which is known outside the US is a mixture of butter and sugar boiled until it reaches sticky consistency that can be stretched and pulled to form a shape.

How Jokes And Gags Websites Have Changed The Way We Share Humor

The goal of jokes and gags is always the same: poking fun at influential people and ideas, joining in the general warmth and bonhomie, and providing a defense mechanism against stress. After all, if you can joke about it, then it probably won’t kill you.

The Ultimate Humor Challenge: Can You Laugh When Times Get Tough?

Ive never had cancer. But I can't tell you how many times I begged God to let me bear that burden. My son, a strapping 22-year-old junior at the University of Missouri, woke up with an aching chest that turned out to be a malignant tumor. Hes only a boy, I pleaded. Ive had a great life. Let it be me"not him.

Fun Images and You

Every moment that happens to each living matter in this earth is both documented and undocumented. Some specialist, in capturing moments focus on funny images from several sources. Funny moments happening unexpectedly to someone, to an animal, or any living matter that is during his or her unguarded moments are often the best source of laughter and happiness. Unconsciously, when one sees an accident wherein the person involved slips but not seriously, hurt, cannot help, but laugh at the comical angle of falling. Funny pictures consist of minor incidents, consciously and unconsciously acted by the person. Some people can appreciate the funny side of that moment, but others cannot.

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