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The Royal Academy of Arts London

The Royal Academy of Arts in London (RA) is one of Britain’s premier institutions for art. Founded in 1768 by George III, The Academy is a privately funded and fully independent institution headed by artists and architects of distinction.

Why White House Was Painted White?

The White House, the official residence and the chief workplace of the President of the United States is located in Washington DC. It was originally built between 1792 and 1800 on Georgian style with Aqua sandstone painted white. The architectural design of the White House was outlined by the Irish born architect James Hoban.

A Short History of US Law and Constitution

Law is generally defined as a system of rules and regulations that are equal for everyone and are enforced through a set of institutions. The political system, economy and society are shaped by it in numerous ways and serves as a primary social mediator of relations between people.

The History of Royal Forests

Set up by William the Conqueror after his successful invasion of England, Royal Forests are areas of land, not necessarily even forested, that are preserved for the enjoyment of monarchs and the aristocracy. The enjoyment that the monarchs and aristocracy normally took from the area involved hunting.

Brisbane Landmarks

There are many historical monuments located in Brisbane. ANZAC square, which is located in the city centre is a peaceful place to enjoy a quite lunch or show your respect for falling war heroes. The Shrine of Remembrance was built in 1930. This shrine has an eternal flame in honour of the soldiers who died during World War I. There is also the Shrine of Memories, which is located in the pedestrian tunnel. Here you will find a dedication to the soldiers of World War II. Sites that you will enjoy are plaques, honour rolls and homemade mosaics for original World War II cemeteries.

The History of Bognor Regis

Bognor is one of the oldest Saxon sites on record in West Sussex. The town is recorded in AD 680 as Bucgan ora meaning Bucge's shore. Bucge was one of the few Saxon women to have a place named after her. Over the years this Saxon-landing place became a small fishing village, and as with many places the name changed with time.

The History of Skegness

The once haven town, Skegness was erected on a raised promontory with a timber trading harbor and other material. The name is similar to the ones in the nearby locality. It is related to the Danes, Skeggi’s ‘ness’ or headland which was one of the locations where the Vikings had landed in the 9 century.

House of Aragon

The Grand Priory of MOC Terra Nordica is part of the work that the Royal House of Aragon, Majorca and Sicily maintains, and in here you will find all the details about the Order and what the various codes, rules, and descendents are. The descendents of the Royal House today live in Catania in Sicily, but the Military Order of the Collar still exists in many countries as it was eventually changed from being an honorary order to a dynastical one which was passed down from family member to family member.

Birmingham and the Industrial Revolution

Birmingham was one of the most significant cities in the development of the industrial revolution. How did it achieve its position of prominence in early industry. Birmingham is located in Britain's largest royal hunting ground, just outside the Forest of Arden.

A History of Minehead

Minehead lies in a relatively sheltered position in the lee of North Hill Somerset. The town today is a bustling holiday resort but its past is as a working port important both militarily and for trade.

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