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Cover Art is the picture used outside a products like magazine, cd, comic books an it is a form of art.

Getting the Best DVD Cover Art

It takes a large amount of time and effort to get just the right look for a media recording, be it CD or DVD. For movies and other viewing materials you want the cover art to be eye catching and distinctive, while still relevant to the material to be viewed. Depending on the category of movie that the DVD or Blu ray cover is designed for, you will find varied types of scenes depicted on the cover. For an action or adventure video, you will usually find the “good” and “bad” guys in an action shot. In a children’s movie you are likely to find the main characters in a colorful array over the front. A scene of the lovers embracing is the usual theme for romance movies. Of course, this is just a few of the design types for a small list of categories.

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