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Artists are all around the world and in any field of art. Their art along with their statements and their love for life make them famous and loved by million of people.

Creating the perfect Work Space for an Artist

Planning is an element that should always take preference before proceeding down any line of work and this is especially true with artists. The first option for a budding artist to get started is to ensure that you have created a working space for your needs. This really needs to be comfortable and quiet as this is where your creative talents need to be expressed.

The life of Anthony Thieme

Born in Roterdam on Febraury 20, 1888, Anthony Thieme is one of the most prolific contemporary of painters like Aldro Hibbard. He was originally named Johannes Thieme but later changed his first name to Anthony. Anthony Thieme was a fearless, and adventurous person who loved travelling to far and wide places. He started painting at the age of seventeen and frequently found work as a stage designer.

Struggle OF American Women Artists

She was one of the many important reasons for American women artists to get the recognition they always deserved. Another American women artist of note was Edmonia Lewis.

Cape Ann Art Great Attraction For Artists

Cape Ann has various artists' association, like the North Shore Art Association. Associations like the North Shore consider it their moral duty to harness budding talent in a young artist.

How To Locate Art Dealers That Can Help You Develop Your Collection

Have you thought about investing in artwork? Buying artwork takes knowledge of both the art itself, and the markets and value that pieces of art can be worth. Investing in artwork is completely unlike investing in any other kind of luxury goods currently available.

A New Philosophy Of Cartooning

In early 1997, I became a cartoonist. Sort of. Before I started this "cartoon journey", might be helpful to know what I was doing. Finding someone like Charles Schulz was not an easy matter for someone like me at the time who knew nobody in the business. But I felt "why not start at the top and work my way down"? I found a friend of his willing to ask him if we might chat a moment. He surprisingly agreed. It felt "awesome" that other top cartoonists also agreed to wield "trade secrets" with me.

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