The most famous Article Directory Script ArticleMs 2.0 - Beta 1 released

The new version of ArticleMs script has been released. It' a very Beta version only for new installation in order to test it. As said by the programmer Dejavu at articletrader forum the new version has a lot of new features:

* Article Revision Tracking

Every time an user makes a change to an article, the older version is saved.andnbsp; You can keep track of all changes, compare older changes with the current article and revert to an older version at any time.andnbsp; Revision tracking will also nicely with the next feature:

* Collaborative Article Editing

Authors (or the site owner) can allow other members (or even guests) to edit each other's articles. (almost like a wiki)andnbsp; You can choose between closed collaboration (only approved authors can edit an article), moderated collaboration (the author must approve changes before it is applied) or open collaboration (changes are immediately visible on the site).andnbsp; All changes are tracked through the revision system so you can easily go back to a previous version is someone messes up an article.

* Support for uploading images/files (without needing the wysiwyg editor)

* Option to require users to validate their email before they can successfully register

* The backend code to the templating system has been much improved

You can now use $Blocks within other Blocks, and {if} statements can be nested.

* An efficient caching system (caches pages to the hard drive, no need to startup the database to show an article from cache)

* Improved error display, if you have an error in the template code you can see where.

* Greatly improved plugin system.andnbsp;

Plugins can have their own blocks, and can hook into other functions (more on this later)

* Easier validation of input

For example if you want to set a maximum article length, or allow only 5 keywords maximum this will now be much easier

* Support for

* All emails now has an opt-out link, to better comply with anti spam rules

* IP of all commenters, submitters tracked to block a user by IP

* A permission denied template added

* Support for tags

Tags are like categories, but an article can have multiple tags

* Members or admin can preview an article live on the site

* Basic template support for the admin side

* Site Sections

You can specify a different skin to use for a seperate part of your site.andnbsp; This section can have its own categories, own permissions and own look. (almost like a new site within your site).andnbsp; For example if you have a site about pets articles, you can create a new section for users to upload pictures of their own pets. (and this section can have a different submission form, maybe just requiring the image and no article text.andnbsp; )

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