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ArticleMs is one of the best script to manage article directory. Using ArticleMs you can start your own article directory writing and publishing articles.
If you are interested in creating your articlems directory you can find here useful information, expample on how to create an articlems template, how to modify the default skin, how to handle and manage an article directory and many more.
Just search for the terms your are looking for in the ArticleMs category.

Top Authors Block: How To

If you want install the Top Authors block to your site you can import it directly from :

How To Upgrade ArticleMs 1.3 Skin to ArticleMs 2.0

I know, you want upgrade your articlems 1.3 directory to the new and much more performing articlems 2.0. So you are thinking how i can do that without loosing everything. I suggest you to create another folder and upload there the new articlems 2.0 script. So you'll be able to test and look at all the differences between the old and the new.

The most famous Article Directory Script ArticleMs 2.0 - Beta 1 released

The new version of ArticleMs script has been released. It' a very Beta version only for new installation in order to test it. As said by the programmer Dejavu at articletrader forum the new version has a lot of features:

How To Install a New Skin

Some tips for ArticleMs Owners on how to install a new skin.

Most Active Authors Block

Here i have added a Block used to show the most active author. It'll show the Username and how many articles they have published. You can change the numbers to show up.

ArticleMs Default Skin: display third column only in some pages

Here you can find some tips on how to disply the third column only in some pages of your site.

ArticleMs Default Skin: add the third column

I noticed that many peoples using ArtcleMs script are looking for a 3 colums template.
I have modified the default skin adding the third column.

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