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Have you ever wondered how many possible customers visiting your website are you loosing? You can wonder: WHY ???

Every day an increasing number of people use the smartphone or tablet to surf the internet. If you have analytics you can see from the statistics how many people come to your site using iPhone, iPad or samsung galaxy Slll, samsung tablet, or even Windows Mobile etc.

This gives you an idea of ??just how many people leave your site because it is not optimized to be viewed well over the smatphones and tablets.

To avoid losing visitors and potential customers, it is necessary that your site has a design suitable to be displayed in all kinds of mobile devices.

If you have a site powered by articlems we have a wide choice of mobile templates to choose from.

You can get your new articlems mobile templates for just Euro 40

The articleMs mobile templates here can be installed on all the ArticleMs versions starting from
2.0 - 2.1 - 2.2 - 2.2.3 - 2.3 and so on.

The mobile templates are ads ready and SEO friendly.


Click the tablet or smartphone image using your smartphone or tablet to see how the mobile template for ArticleMs looks.

Mobile Star Template
Tablet View

Only Euro 40

Mobile Star Template
Smartphone View

Only Euro 40

Tablet Template
Mobile Templates









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Please note that the services are non-tangible goods and there is no physical shipping. You'll receive the template by email.
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