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Everybody knows that CONTENT IS KING. That is true. But i want also add that : QUALITY IS QUEEN. All experienced people on the internet already know that, if they want to make money online using a website, (there are hundreds opportunity to choose from) they must have a good strategy.
If your goal is to get more traffic to your sites you need to follow a correct system building your web credibility. To reach this results you can follow some important steps.
- The first important think is to add Quality and Original Content to the website. Why ? Becouse search engine love fresh and quality content to add to the search eangine results page. This is becouse all of us, when using internet, are looking for something. Maybe we look for good services, or for some products to buy or simply we search for quality information. Then if we'll find hundreds of page containing the same poor and similar content, we'll pass over.
- Keep your website design so that your clients can navigate it simply.
- Research and use the right keyphrases to draw in your target customers. To get recognized by the search engines add your main keyword in the body text, no more than 3 times: 1 at the top. -  1 in the middle and 1 at the bottom and Bold them. Don't use too many keywords or you'll incur in the keyword stuffing problem.
- If you're selling products online, use easy payment and delivery techniques to make your consumer's experience straightforward.
As quickly as you have your site ready then work on Backlinks that is the vital element about Search engine Optimization. Only this first strategy will not ensure that you can get traffic to your site.

So what we can do? Well there are few important steps to follow.
We can use the Article Marketing strategy. Submit your articles to Article directories with high pagerank, credibility and traffic.

This implies that you must create a plan.
- First write good quality and original articles using relevant keywords that are optimal for your site and add in the About Author field your information and anchor text links. Generally you can add up to 2/3 links so you'll receive backlinks to your site. If you are a good writer it'll be easy to do. Write 5 articles a days and submitt them to the top 25/50.

For my opinion, the best way will be to write 25 different articles and publish one article to one directory. This is the most profitable Article Marketing strategy to use.

Remember also: never publish to your site the same articles you'll submit to other directories.
- Writing about your experience you can get credibility. Internet customer search the Internet for relevant information about their needs. When you write about your real experience your client base associates you with credibility, boosting your revenues.
- As results of your article marketing campaign publishing your article through article directories whith high pr and traffic, when people search for your relevant keywords will read your articles and then click the link in the about author box to reach your website. This is free advertising that will generate organic targeted traffic from search engine.  At the same time you can get more revenue becouse all people are looking for what you can offer to them.

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